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The final quest of an old campaigner
Fenris, a warrior of unparalleled skill and a man of uncommon conscience. The villagersthat live near his forest home don't know why he has isolated himself, but many hint of dark deeds and the fall of a great hero, perhaps at Fenris' hand. However, since his skill with a blade is legendary, few speak of their suspicions openly.

No one is sure why he has accepted this final quest, but none doubt that he will be a powerful ally.

Walking the path of the wise
When the Heron Guard reclaimed their place as the premier warriors of the new Emperor, Four Bear Silen Oak did not join them, for he still bore the symbols of another dishonor. He shunned the sword and studied the words of the wise, and became wise himself.

Now visions of a darkness beyond the Untamed Lands haunt him, so he must return and try to correct the mistakes of his past.

His ways are not our ways
The world of a wild wolf is not that of humanity. Humans can be just as vicious, just as violent and just as efficient at killing, but they will never posses the cold stare of nature's most fearsome beast, nor wil l they share the dreams of the most fearsom of wolves, the Dream Runner.
Not all arrows fly true
The fir'bolg of Ruewood are known for their skill in archery, and ne'Ric was widely known as the greatest archer of Ruewood. His advertures and exploits became legend in his own lifetime. It was his shot to take, but even a hero misses sometimes.
The black heart of the old forest
The bre'Unor name them the Children of b’Y’laggo and humans call them Changelings. The fir'Bolg, however, refuse to speak of them.
Believe the Illusion
Her motives are unclear, her powers untested, her goals unknowable. Kyrilla walks in a shroud of secrecy and enigma. She is a chimera.
The lethal swarm
The Banded Wasps, normally a peaceful race, have poured forth from their hive, swarming the fir'Bolg villages at the command of their Queen, the Hive Mother.
The forgoten warriors
These forgoten men once made the battel fields rain with blood, but after their deaths they were long fogotten and now seek vengance for their deaths. | | home | story | screens | characters | download | credits
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